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Dota 2 Nuances That You Are Not Familiar With

Even if you are the biggest Dota 2 enthusiast, you cannot know everything about your favorite game. Luckily, you have an excellent opportunity to broaden your knowledge by learning some useful facts about Dota 2. There is a lot of information related to its complexity, but you need to know the major things. Go ahead!

Regular International Tournaments

If you're not a beginner in the world of Dota 2, then you are supposed to know a wide range of online tournaments and competitions conducted on a regular basis. Every advanced gamer should be aware of this fact if he or she wants to see some of the best teams going for the huge rewards. Eventually, you will want to join one of such events to make a profit for yourself. Considering the growing popularity of Dota 2, its winning pool keeps expanding annually. It has one of the biggest prize pools in eSports, so it's a great experience to become part of.

Faceless Void Cannot Be Used Along Chrono-ed

If you are going to steal the best chrono after timing your function with Rubick, you’d better know that Faceless void cannot receive chrono-ed. By using your stolen Chrono, you will have to apply it for one of the existing opponents.

A Character Known as Carl Exists

Do you know where the origins of Dota 2 can be found? In fact, its development has been in the process since 2005 when "IceFrog" started the development operations. But the most amusing fact is that there isn't that much data you can find about him on the Internet. One of the things known is that he was born between 1983 and 1984.

Valve was going to take it to the next level by introducing a hero known as Carl. The hero of Invoker is quite arrogant, having a touch background. Valve has a good sense of humor, which determines his name. Basically, the name was supposed to be Kael, due to the direct associations with his background in Warcraft 3.

Closing Note

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